Andy Thielen

Owner & President

Mike and Andy got their first taste of handguns in their young teens when they miraculously got a hold of a 357 and went to work on their fathers prized apple trees. 40 years later they’re proud to offer one of the finest indoor shooting ranges around, providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience to enjoy handguns.

Jake Mercer


Jake’s passion for firearms began at a young age as his father comes from law enforcement. He enjoys the outdoors, hunting, and exercising.
But his absolute favorite thing is food, theres nothing that puts a bigger smile on his face then a Sunny day, a couple tacos, and a cold beer.


Jason Pearle

Range Safety Officer

Long time collector, aficionado of all things firearm, and professional smart-ass. Bring your firearms questions and try to stump the oracle. If he doesn't know the answer, he'll make one up for you.

Margaret Eby

Range Safety Officer

When Margaret graduated from Astoria High School, her father gave her a 22lr revolver built on the famous "Peacemaker" frame.  With practice, she eventually learned to outshoot her father and brother.  After a couple of decades of not shooting, Margaret's interest in shooting took hold again.  Just a few years ago, Margaret began taking classes, private lessons, and participating in the Club's women's league.  Margaret is an ambidextrous shooter and recently became an NRA certified pistol instructor.  Margaret says she'll always be a student of shooting.  And it's evident because now she's learning to shoot her AR and pistol-caliber carbine.  Feel free to ask Margaret how to improve your marksmanship.  She's always happy to share tips and tricks with our members.