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Basic Firearm Safety 

Cost $150.00

Every Tuesday & Thursday

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Are you a new or inexperienced firearm owner? Are you considering firearm ownership? Are you curious about firearm safety for yourself or a loved one? It's a simple fact that firearms are out there and it's likely that you or a loved one will encounter a firearm. Our course teaches the core fundamentals of firearm safety so that you can act safely around firearms and visit the range with confidence. 2 hours in the classroom and 1 hour on the range. Pistol rental included.  

Must call ahead or stop by club to register for class prior to class date. 

A minor (ages 12-17) may attend the class with you for free.

Instructor: Norman Claassen, Certified NRA Instructor and World Class Fast Drawer

Defensive Handgun Class
(Level I, II, III)

Defensive Handgun Class
Levels 1, 2, & 3

Cost $200.00

Background checks and specific prior training required to attend. This course will introduce shooters to the art of defensive-style shooting. We will establish the core fundamentals of weapon manipulation while reinforcing confidence and reducing exposure to liabilities. Students will be drawing from holsters and reloading from the belt with light movement.


Call or stop for further details and to register for a class!

**NOT for inexperienced shooters

Instructor: Guy Gildner


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Call for Pricing and Scheduling

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