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No expense was spared when creating this lounge for our exclusive members. Comfort and luxury were at the forefront of the planning and design for the Gatling Lounge.  

With a room full of plush, leather seating you will never have an issue finding a comfortable spot in our Gatling Lounge.

Our Gatling Lounge and Range are available for members to reserve for private events. After-hours only, catering optional.

With an exclusive Summit Membership, you can enjoy access to our Exclusive Cigar and Liquor Lounge. This luxurious, low light lounge is accustomed with its own restroom, TV, fireplace, and bar.


Our Gun Case is a great way to try out a slew of different firearms and find your new favorite gun! We have a great variety of firearms that you can rent or buy.


Inventory changes regularly. Come see what's new.

You can rent the whole case for the day for just $15, and the cost of ammo!

Gun Case
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