The Range

Our advanced and well-equipped indoor range rivals all other great indoor ranges in the nation. You can rest assured that all of your brass and lead shot down range is disposed of and recycled responsibly by our state-of-the-art bullet entrapment system. 

While on the Range you can take a deep breath and a sigh of relief knowing that no expense was spared in the very best HVAC system keeping your lungs free and  clear from any potential hazards while on the Range such as lead dust from the thousands of rounds fired daily. 

We ask all of our members to please utilize the honor system when using our targets and to please clean up after yourselves as much as possible. This is our club and we want all members to have the  very best experience possible! Thank you for your cooperation. 

Glacier Gun Club Indoor Range Features:

- 6 lanes, each 42" wide and 40' long

- Diamond plated ballistic dividers for privacy and safety

- Toggle controlled rail target system

- Full-containment system, recycling all rounds sent down range

- State-of-the-art air circulation and filtration system 

- LED lighting and dimmable control for simulating low-light and      nighttime shooting


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