House and Range Rules

1. This is a pistol range only. No rifles or rifle cases are permitted under any circumstance.  


2. Members must be 21 or older. Guests must be 18 or older.  (Family/children ages 12-17 years old are allowed to use the range on Family Day only - Sunday's, 5-7pm)


3.  Vulgar language and obscene jokes and material are not allowed within the club.


4. All members must maintain a clean and presentable appearance while at the club.  For example, no muddy boots, sweaty/dirty clothes, etc.


5.  Be cautious of wearing low-cut shirts due to discharge of hot shells.  For further clarification, speak to GGC Staff.


6. Giving your membership badge to another person for them to use will result in immediate termination of your membership – no exceptions or refunds.  If your badge is lost, it is up to you to report it immediately to the concierge so we can cancel your badge and issue you a new one.  There will be a $50 charge to replace any lost or stolen badges.


7. Guest passes can be used 7 days a week except for Fridays between 3:00pm-8:00pm.  Only one guest pass can be used per day.  Additional guest passes may be purchased for $20 each.


8. Proper eye and ear protection must be worn prior to walking through the first door of the sally port and at all times while in the shooting chamber unless otherwise instructed by a Range Officer.


9.  Alcohol and cigars are only allowed in the Cigar Lounge.  Cigarettes, chew,  and vaping are never permitted.


      9.5 The Cigar Lounge, including its bathroom, is for Summit Members  only


10. Firearms will only be uncased or removed from the holster within the shooting stalls/lanes. Load and unload all weapons in your assigned lane on your bench. No uncased firearms are permitted outside of the shooting stall.


11. Only 2 people allowed per lane unless otherwise instructed by GGC Staff.


12. No going past the shooting line at any time


13. If you experience any problems with a firearm, leave it on the tray in the booth pointed downrange and come to the counter for assistance.


14. Cross-lane firing, or shooting at anything other than your own target is strictly prohibited. Any person seen firing at lights, baffles, carriers, walls, or any other range property or equipment will be removed from the range, barred from future use of Glacier Gun Club facilities, and reported to the proper authorities for appropriate action. You will be held accountable and may have to pay for any damage you cause by not following these range rules.


15.   Your weapon is assigned to a lane; therefore, no passing of firearms from lane to lane is permitted.  If you would like to share your weapon with a friend, place the weapon on the bench in its assigned stall and allow your friend to shoot from its designated lane.


16. When you are finished shooting or your time has expired, secure your weapon in case or holster, clean up around your booth by throwing trash in the receptacle provided and by sweeping brass forward of the firing

line. Please inform the GGC staff of any equipment that does not appear to be operating properly.


17.  Commands issued by the GGC Range Officer must be followed immediately.  GGC Range Officers are authorized to remove any shooter whose behavior is detrimental to the safe operations of any of the ranges.


18. When the command “CEASE FIRE” is given (OR when the range lights go off and on three times), stop shooting IMMEDIATELY, remove your finger from the trigger, keep the gun pointed downrange, and wait for further instructions from GGC Staff.


19.  No holster or quick draw shooting allowed on the range unless you have been signed off by a GGC Firearms Instructor.


20.  Expectant mothers are not permitted on the range at any time without prior written physician consent.


21.  No inexperienced shooters are allowed on the range without prior instruction, coaching, and approval of the Range Officer.  GGC Staff has final say on this rule.


22.  Only GGC ammo may be used in our rental firearms.  A $50.00 fine will be issued to those in violation of this rule.


23. No one is allowed inside the range area unless they have read these range rules, watched the safety training video, passed the test, and have been assigned a lane by Glacier Gun Club staff.


24.  No drinking alcohol 8 hours prior to shooting at Glacier Gun Club.


25.  No pets are allowed in Glacier Gun Club.



Parking Rules

1. No parking in the front row of T Brothers Liquor Lodge at any time.  These spots are for the Liquor Lodge patrons only.


2. Back-row parking is permitted Monday-Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm and from 7:00pm to close.  No parking on any days from 3:00pm-7:00pm as these are peak hours for the liquor store.


3.  There is free street parking after 5pm.


(All Glacier Gun Club members will sign a copy of this upon applying for membership)